My success with 21 Day Fix: Round 1

As I’ve said before, weight loss has always been a struggle with me.  My usual routine was to lose 10-15 lbs and then something would knock my routine, kick me back into bad habits and I’d gain it all back and then some.  This happened in college, before my kids, and kept happening after.  My overall trajectory was in an upward ascent, and though I didn’t like it, I was unwilling to give up my unhealthy habits, even knowing they were unhealthy.  I’d wish and dream about a slender body, fitting into old clothes I kept around, but the efforts I made never transpired into a lifestyle change.

Though not my highest weight ever, these pictures of me last fall were of an unhealthy me who finally had enough.  I wanted a change and didn’t like the lack of energy, the lack of activity and the feeling that I had no control over my cravings or food intake.  For some people, like me, I really felt like the world would end if I didn’t indulge that need for a certain food.  But after Christmas I decided that was that. I had purchased the 21 Day Fix program that summer but didn’t fully use it, so I decided to start it and reach out to my coach. I wanted 2016, my last year of being in my 20’s, to be the year I corrected my past mistakes so I could start my 30’s as a healthier, happier me.

2016-01-18 19.32.17
Round 1 before and after of 21 Day Fix

December 28, 2015.  172.4 lbs.  Day 1 of my first round.  I began using the containers.  Luckily I love bright colors so this was fun for me.  I began tracking my meals religiously on an equally colorful meal chart.  I reached out to my coach for the first time and found out she had a Facebook challenge group starting after the new year.  I ate more fruit than I was used to and drank lots of tea that first week.  I could only do one pushup and ten burpees, but I kept with the exercises even though I modified with my 3 pound weights.  At least I was starting somewhere and doing something.  I joined the accountability group and got great advice on recipes, support on the days I didn’t feel like I was going to succeed, and saw other people who wanted the same things I did.

By day 21 I had become fast friends with zucchini noodles, ground turkey and salad.  I still had treats, but I thought about them carefully and balanced then around healthy meals.  I bumped my weights up to 6 lbs by the end and modified less.  I could do more pushups in a row-probably 8 or so.  I lost 9.2 lbs and 10.25 overall inches!  Though that was nice and clothes fit better, the best thing was how much more energy I felt.  I’m naturally a bouncy, energetic person, but hadn’t felt like one in a while.  I found myself bouncing around the house after my children and wanting to be more active with them.  That was a terrific feeling.  I was on fire and ready for more.

(To be continued…on to Round 2!)