Beachbody coaching

You may wonder what being a coach for team beachbody entails.  First and foremost, it involves my favorite thing: MOTIVATION!  As a beachbody coach, it is my job to motivate and inspire you to get the results you want with programs that work!  You purchase the program you desire- and there are beachbody programs for ALL body types and workout styles- through my Coaching Site and I will be your FREE coach.  I can help you with meal planning and ideas, daily or weekly confidence boosts, fun Facebook challenge groups to help keep you accountable, whatever you need to succeed.

Because my job is not actually training you in the exercises (that’s what the celebrity trainers in the videos are for) I am not a certified personal trainer.  I’m more like an accountability partner.  I’ve been there, done that, and keep up with the latest and greatest news from team beachbody.  I’ll be there to help keep you from getting too overwhelmed or if you have questions or are struggling with the program.  I too have a coach, and I too struggle sometimes with my workouts and meal planning.  Changing your lifestyle isn’t always an easy thing, but it’s definitely easier if there are people rooting for you!  You can and you will do it, even if it takes help, but you have to want to take the first step.


Have you ever though about inspiring others?  Would you like to use your personal transformation story to help others in their weight loss?  You too could become a coach!  Contact me via this blog or through my facebook page and I can walk you through the steps it will take to become a beachbody coach and turn your personal successes into a thriving business success as well.  Whether you help 1 person or 1,000 people, you can become a meaningful inspiration into another person’s life.

I love what I do.  I enjoy reaching out and helping people become strong and healthy, because that to me is the definition of beauty.  Beautiful people exude a radiance that comes with health, through mind, body and spirit.  One day I would love to become a yoga & fitness instructor, master gardener and herbalist, opening my own health and wellness center that would focus on bringing health and peace into the lives of people who need a total rejuvenation in their lives.  I am working towards those goals with the lessons I’m learning here with team beachbody.  I’m learning how to gain health, take control of my life and body, and practice the art of being well.  I’m also connecting with other people who have those same struggles and are inspiring in their willingness and commitment to the discipline of health.  Mainstream media and the corporations trying to rob us of our health may be tempting us with easy fixes and overindulgence of junk, but I see people everyday who want to live life to the fullest and make those changes to their lives that will help them to live better, longer.  So will I.  And so can you.