I am a whirlwind of eclectic passions with creative energy surging through every fiber of my being.  I like people and love getting to know their souls.  Musing daily about everything from life, love, religion, music, the secrets of the universe to dinner plans, lullabies, pinterest projects and which of my TV ships will come to pass, I find myself longing for a place to refocus and unload my distracted mind.  Since chaos transpires around me through my two little children, perpetual-toddler dog and mastermind cat, perhaps this blog will help channel my inspirations and be the island in the midst of the turbulent ocean called daily life.  Though habits and routines are new to my personality I am determined to use my life to be an example and motivator to those who would like to regain their health and fitness in the midst of a chaotic life.

To complete the picture of “ME”:
I am…
The personality type ENFP 
Born the Year of the Tiger 
Zodiac sign Scorpio
An Airbender (if there were benders in real life)
A lover of Green

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