Healthy Brunch at Home

“Healthy brunch?”  You may say, “Is there such a thing?”  Why, yes, there is.  As much as I love a bottomless mimosa brunch at those swanky D.C. eateries I enjoy, my wallet-and my waistline- can’t afford such a thing every weekend.  So, sometimes I have to get creative and make some gourmet looking yet tasty breakfasts at home.  Here are some brunch ideas (all 21 Day Fix approved) that are easy to make on those weekend mornings you just feel like staying in.Poached Egg on Zucchini Noodles     (1 serving)


1-2 eggs

1/2 of a zucchini, julienned

1/4 cup mushroom (optional)

1/8-1/4 cup onion (optional, to taste)

1 strip crumbled cooked turkey bacon (optional)

1 Tbs parmesan cheese (optional)

1-2 garlic cloves, to taste

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp spices such as parsley, paprika, thyme, rosemary or basil

salt and pepper to taste

dash of vinegar (optional, but helpful to keep the egg together while boiling)

  • In a small skillet or frying pan, heat the olive oil to medium high heat.  Sauté first mushrooms and onions for about a minute until the onions start to become translucent.
  • Add the garlic and zucchini noodles for 30 seconds to a minute to warm them up.
  • Take out and set on plate.
  • In a small pot, heat water to rolling boil.  Add a dash of vinegar.  Crack egg either over pot, straight into the water, or into a ramekin and then from there pour into water.
  • Time the egg(s) for 3 minutes if you like runny eggs or 5 minutes if you like them fully cooked.
  • Scoop out with a slotted spoon and set on top of vegetables.
  • Sprinkle with bacon, parmesan, herbs, salt and pepper.

Egg and zoodles 1

What’s great about this meal is that there is plenty of room for variation and it is so simple to make!  On quick mornings I just poach the eggs and serve them on top of cold zucchini noodles.  I love that the runny eggs make a great sauce for the “zoodles.”  If you need a little more “sauce,” you can add a dash of lemon juice or drizzle some olive oil on top.  [21 Day Fix: 1 Green, 1 Red (for 2 eggs), 1 tsp + 1/2 green, hints of blue & red for optionals]

21 Day Fix French Toast     (1 serving)


1-2 slices whole wheat toast

1 egg

1/2 cup almond milk

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp allspice or pumpkin pie spice

1 tsp oil or cooking spray (I like using coconut oil)

Optional toppings: pure maple syrup and fruit

  • In a plate with raised sides or a shallow dish combine milk, spices and egg.  Whisk together.
  • Heat the pan to medium heat.
  • Using a fork or tongs, place the bread into the mixture, scoot it around a little, then flip it to the other side so that both sides are coated thoroughly with mixture.
  • Place the bread into the pan for 2-3 minutes, or until browned.  Flip to other side.
  • Remove from heat and top with syrup or berries.

16 - 3

(This may not be my actual french toast picture, but I have done this to my french toast before.)  [21 Day Fix: 1 1/2 yellow (for 1 slice of bread), 1/2 red, 1 tsp + purple for optional berries]

Southwest Egg in the Hole     (serves 1)


1 egg

3 corn tortillas

1/4 cup Greek yogurt or sour cream

1-2 Tbs shredded cheddar cheese

1 tsp chipotles in adobo sauce (you can add more if you like it hot)

1 tsp oil or cooking spray

sprinkle of paprika or taco seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

Optional toppings: pico de gallo, salsa, guacamole (HIGHLY recommended)

  • Using a pastry or cookie cutter (or being more skilled than I am with a knife around a jar lid) cut an approximately 3″ hole in the middle of the tortillas; set aside.
  • In a small bowl, combine yogurt, cheese and chipotle sauce.  Spread between the three tortillas to paste them together into a tower.  (Use any leftover sauce as topping.)
  • Heat oil in pan to medium -medium high heat.  Once heated, place tortilla tower onto pan.  Crack egg in the hole and sprinkle with seasonings, salt and pepper.
  • Heat for around 3 minutes or until the bottom of the egg starts turning white; carefully flip over with big spatula (or a couple of them).
  • Heat for another 1-2 minutes and serve.
  • Top with toppings and enjoy!

Egg in the hole

This recipe is a variation of one that I first found on The Pioneer Woman’s blog.  [21 Day Fix: 1 yellow, 3/4 red, 1/4 blue, 1 tsp + more blue and purple for optionals]

*                                                             *                                              *                                                      *

All these recipes are easily adaptable for more people, and I encourage you to use them as guidelines as you experiment to find tastes that work for you.  Cooking healthy food should be fun and tasty.  Savor every bite and enjoy your weekend!





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