3 Day Refresh: lighten up

After finishing the 3 Day Refresh, I feel…lighter.  I lost 1.8 lbs during the 3 days, but more surprisingly, I lost an inch in my chest, waist and hips, plus at least half an inch in my arms and thighs.  I went through the program step by step, eating berries or apple with my Shakeology in the morning, the mid morning fiber sweep, a salad with my vanilla shake at lunch, hummus and veggies and tea during the afternoon, and a side of veggies with my dinner vanilla shake.  Plus, LOTS of water throughout the day.  Seriously, I had a 64 oz container filled with water that I drank and refilled many times over the last 3 days.  Here are opinions, comments and recommendations of using this specific detox.

My 64 oz water buddy

  1. Prep your meals before starting the program!  Seriously, you can and should meal prep for those 3 days to make your life easier.  I couldn’t do it until during day 1 of the program and spending that extra time in the kitchen was torture.  Any time I spent time in the kitchen when I wasn’t eating (whether washing dishes or chopping veggies) meant that I was thinking about food- and all the things I couldn’t eat.  On day 2 & 3 when I was done meal prepping, it was nice to slip into the fridge to grab my food and go onto something else that didn’t waste any excess thought on what I couldn’t have.
  2. Eat/Drink your food while making food for others.  I’m a full time Mom.  I HAVE to prepare food for others.  Since they weren’t doing the refresh, I was having to make them meals that smelled good.  Even a PB&J smells extra delicious when you’re only eating a salad.  What helped me was eating my food while prepping theirs.  My salad and dinner veggies were tasty.  When I felt tempted to grab a sample of their food, I took a bite of my food instead.
  3. Keep busy.  When I was active, whether doing some light exercise like restorative yoga or pilates, or working on a craft project with my kids, I had activities that kept my mind off food, so that when my body signaled that I was hungry, I recognized it for the actual signal it was.  My habits in the past have been to eat while reading, watching TV or surfing the internet.  Those sedentary activities, combined with my previous psychological association of eating while performing them, have thwarted my previous weight loss efforts by making me think I was hungry because I was bored or thirsty- not because I was actually hungry.  Since I was drinking lots of water this week, when I did get hunger signals, it was actually time to eat.
  4. Do it when it’s warm outside.  I chose to do the program this week, during a super cold week in February, to get ready for an event.  That’s okay.  However, drinking all that water when it was 20° outside kept me cold all the time.  I did drink hot water and lemon several times when I really needed something hot to drink and wasn’t drinking tea, but the rest of the time I had goosebumps.  It also makes sense to do it in warm weather because sweating would enhance your water loss and our bodies are built to store more fat in the winter than in the summer.


Overall, I didn’t get the fantastic results that other people have claimed.  Why?  Probably because my diet was pretty clean and my fluid intake was plentiful before I started the refresh.  I was also used to eating smaller meals throughout the day because of the 21 Day Fix program.  A detox is meant to clean and balance your system.  If your system is already running smoothly, then this doesn’t have many things to “reset” in your digestion.  I still got results that I’m happy with and I enjoyed 3 days of simplistic eating; it reminded me that food is nourishment for life, not a life obsession.  I feel lighter and healthier than I did 3 days ago, and it put me in a good frame of mind in which to start round 3 of the 21 Day Fix.  If I do it again, I’ll wait until either I’ve gotten off track with my good eating and snacking habits or until I need to take closeup photos in a bikini.  Either way, it’ll be good to lighten up.


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