Putting the “F’s” in my chores

Chores are not my favorite pastime.

Cyclical chores, like doing dishes and laundry, are those necessary rituals I dread daily.  It’s ever present, ever needed, and once I finish it’s time to start them all over again.

I need to add a couple F-words to my f*n chores:



It may not solve my problem of having to do the same chores over and over, but for me, a person who just gets bored with the monotony of chores, perhaps finding a way to combine my exercise moves and creativity will be the “spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.”  (Thank you Mary Poppins.)

#1) Kitchen Cleanup Dance Party

Having music playing in the kitchen is a must for me, especially when cleaning.  I clean faster when I have something to focus on, like chopping veggies to the new Hamilton soundtrack or even lathering dish soap to the Piano Guys.  When my kitchen is a real mess however, it’s time for upbeat 90’s music- the music of my childhood.  (You can pick your preference however.)  Since my kids are too young to be embarrassed by my terrible dancing, I incorporate lunges, squats, oblique stretches and other twists to make putting away dishes more exciting.  Even while I’m standing in front of the sink, I try to keep my hips moving and feet shuffling and abs taut so that I can get the most out of the activity.

#2) Yoga Laundry


I’m terrible about folding laundry.  I’ll finally sort, wash and dry, but that last step gets lost in the distractions of the day.  I have that special chair that people forget to sit in because they think it is just a mountain of clothes- at least it’s clean right?  Aside from the music aspect of #1, I like to incorporate yoga moves into my folding to make it feel like I’m doing something good for my body- and to keep me less stressed when my kids come over and knock over or grab the pile of folded clothes.  Grrrr.  Putting clothes on a clean spot on the floor and folding while in forward fold stretches my lower back while multitasking nicely.  Folding tank tops while in warrior 1 gives my legs a nice stretch.  Practicing my balance in tree pose while folding socks also helps me later.  If it’s late at night, sometimes I just have to lay in corpse pose and fold things on my stomach.  It just depends on the day.  Do what works for you.

#3) Reality TV Organizing

Sometimes it’s more fun organizing your stuff if you pretend it’s someone else’s stuff.  I’ll pretend I’m on a TV show, like Hoarders meets Biggest Loser, pick a section of house to tidy up, and see if I can put things in their baskets as quickly as possible.  Sometimes I set a time limit, but usually when I play this it’s because someone is about to stop by and the pressure is on anyway.  A special treat awaiting me if I finish my tidying or sweeping within the allotted time also helps.  Now, since it’s already February, I’m going to have to make an Ultimate Challenge Game this weekend to FINALLY put away my holiday decor.

These are just a few tips I can offer to add some spice to your routines.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment below.  There are always ways to add some FITNESS and FUN to your life here and there, so I encourage you to engage in what works for you.  You can’t get anywhere in life without a little movement.


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