Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings

There are 3 things to know about me:

1.) I am always striving for balance in my mind, body and spirit

2.) I always have to have a project of some kind to work on

3.) I love the color green

You might say, “Green? Why is that important?”  However, colors do have a psychological effect that translates to the other two aspects above.  I am infatuated with bright colors of all kinds and implement a rainbow of visual hues to all facets of my life, but green has a special place in my heart.

         *              *              *

Since the New Year has begun I decided to finally take action to quench the clutter and quell the chaos filling my life- most specifically my home.  Now, every year I buy a Real Simple magazine and promise myself that I will make some drastic changes to my lifestyle in order to create one of those Better Homes and Gardens houses.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The rooms are clutter free, perfectly decorated and painstakingly arranged to create a feeling of simplicity, peace and perfection.  Yeah right.  I could never get my house to look like that!  I’d even settle for one of those homes that have the “lived-in” look but are still inviting places of warmth and light and cleanliness.

Not chaos.

My husband may call it “first world problems” and I admit that complaining about “having too much stuff” and “having a messy house” pales in comparison to those who have too little or don’t even have a house to live in, but continual chaos crushes compassion.  Seriously.  How can I give money to the poor when I’m re-purchasing lost items?  (If you ask about the stapler I might scream.)  How can I spend time making afghans when I need to wash the Himalayan clothing pile?  How can I open my home to someone when we’re wading through pet hair?  (I might be exaggerating a bit but it feels like that sometimes.)  My nature is to be altruistic yet when I’m surrounded by mess it sucks me into a lazy stupor of selfishness.  Excuses, excuses, I know.  But how do I begin-and finish- despite past failures?

1.) Take a holistic approach to vanquishing the chaos.  Learn about feng shui.

Things interconnect.  I completely feel like the clutter in my home is a reflection of the clutter in my mind and the clutter in my body (um… why did I binge on all those cookies during the holidays?)  I should remember that I just had a baby and my whole year in 2012 had been one big roller coaster and I’m still finding my new normal in this new journey called “Parenthood.”  I would cut myself some slack for that reason, however the problem was there before I had children and will be taught to my child if I don’t regain my balance now.  It is time for more than just a simple magazine; it is time to learn the principles for fixing the energy flow in my home and life.

2.) Start a project: Feng shui my home

This will be a long term project beginning with the book I purchased, Feng Shui Your Life: 2nd ed. by Jayme Barrett.  We’ll see how this goes, although it did inspire me to put away dirty dishes and empty the trash already.  From what I’ve read so far, I like her simple explanations and pleasant approach to this ancient art.  It feels tangible, doable.  Like despite my dislike of chores I can do this because I will feel how it effects me mentally, physically and spiritually.

3.) Add more green into my home.

When looking around this evening, I noticed that although I absolutely love the color green, it’s virtually nonexistent in the areas in which I spend the most time and saturating the rooms I use the least.  How can that be?  Green to me represents newness, refreshing life, vitality in nature, peaceful  beginnings.  All the optimism in my life could be painted in hues from Cal Poly Pomona to lime and everything in between.  Green takes me back to my roots and reminds me that life goes on and it is a life worth living.  Green reminds me of nature, where I’m happiest in a quiet forest surrounded by green leaves, or in a meadow with green grass waving cheerily in the breeze.  Maybe it’s not just the color green that needs to be added to my living space, but all the things that it represents.

Birth. Nature. Healing. Renewal.

Happy 2013!
Happy New Year!

New beginnings are a big part of our home now, so I think changes are in order to reflect this new chapter of our lives- through color.  Huge or subtle, I’m not yet quite sure, but the adventure awaits.

Quotation by Ralph Blum

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